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Hi this is David with all my vehicleregistration service here in the city inYucaipa so today I'm going to talk toyou about five most important items thatare needed on a bill of sale okay so thebill sells one the most commonly useddocuments in DMVs you know realm ofdocuments if he would say okay but somany people forget to put the necessaryinformation to complete the bill selland oftentimes it could cause delays andgetting tile issues or repeat trips toDMV so let's talk about those five itemsthat are neededthe first one is vehicle informationokay so what does that include that'sgonna be the vehicles year make modeland the VIN number on that vehicleoften times I see people put a licenseplate on that vehicle and are on theBilla cell and the thing with thelicense plate is that license plates upsometimes change throughout the life ofthe car so let's say for example disableplay or personalized plate you know andbut the VIN number it never changes italways remains the same for that vehiclepretty much so that's the mainidentification think number that youwant on that bill itselfokay the next is the date the date isimportant because it's good determine ornot what's going on our when thatvehicle assaultso that evening knows that vehicle is acompliance within the ten days thatyou're required to sell that vehicleokay the next is going to be thepurchase of them so the purchase amountI don't really see this left off of thebill of sale very often most people arepretty good at putting this amount ontheir way things you know sometimespeople have difficulty determining wellhow much I saw a car for what should Iput down here you know if you havetrouble just you know reference theKelly's Blue Book and then see on therewhat the recommended value is based onthe certain criteria for that vehicleand then get together with the sellerand side upon you know what you think isselling price should be but make surethat's on there and then of course oneof the most commonly things I seeforgotten a lot on the title issignatures now people always forget tosign or do something or theytheir name and no at me if you writeyour right you can't sign them Iunderstand but at the same point youknow if you sign you need to put yoursignature out there and basically youonly need to have the sellers signatureon it but it's good to have multi sellerand the buyer signature on the bill ofsales law to really make things officialand complete everything it's just it'sjust nice that everything goes on thereand then if later on you have additionaldocuments good always reference the billuh sell through those signatures andhave those letters so it's great to havethat one other things you could do toois you can also get a power of attorneyor attorneys in their form and I'llcover that another video but that'swhere you can you know wow people tosign for your...
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